There is nothing quite like arriving in style at a special event. By enlisting our highly trained and professional chauffeurs, you can truly be the star of the show.

Our luxury car rental pickups and drop-offs in Malaysia offer you the chance to feel pampered. Riding in the backseat of a luxury rental has been glamorised by Hollywood as “the way to travel” and for good reason! Whether you are looking to make a statement or create a memorable experience for yourself, this peek into the “celebrity” lifestyle will be remembered for a lifetime.

Getting around the city in style and comfort with one of our specialist drivers is a real thrill. Whether you are organising an event or need that glamorous entrance, make sure you stand out with our luxury pick-up and drop-off service. Furthermore, there is a vast range of luxury vehicles on offer here at Eclat, so you can be sure that you can tick the box of experiencing your dream car.

Our chauffeur services are one of our most popular options for businesses and organisations in Malaysia who require high-end transportation options for their VIP, C-Suite or executive staff and clientele.

There is nothing quite like a luxury rental and when you are looking to arrive on the scene, one of our cars is perfect for making that special entrance. Additionally, we always ensure that our team offer a reliable and professional service. This way, you can guarantee that you’ll arrive at the perfect time for your event.

From weddings and birthdays to formal events and corporate meetings, the team at Eclat understand that first impressions matter and when you arrive in one of our vehicles, you’ll certainly be making a good one.

Plus, our professional chauffeurs always offer exquisite service, delivering a friendly and warm demeanour and experience to match.


Find out why we are Malaysia’s preferred Luxury Car Rentals provider

At Eclat Cars, we are proud to offer an outstanding range of luxury car brands available to rent. Experience the true meaning of excellence in the field of travel.

Additionally, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure that you are catered for during any circumstance. From long term car rentals and special events to wedding cars and self drive car rentals, we are happy to serve your individual requirements.

Furthermore, we understand that in order to drive our luxury cars, some may want a little assistance. At Eclat, we can provide driving instructors to show you the ropes and how to handle our luxury vehicles.